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Everything Customized

Everything we do, whether a Kitchen, Bathroom or Full House Renovation,
is closely customized to your individual needs and requirements.


We will always carefully research every possible outcome to make sure your end project is the one you always dreamed of


We offer a full desigh service with CAD drawings. This helps visualise and gain a sense off the finished product


All projects are managed using installers of very high standards. We do not subcontract trades to get jobs done.

Our Work

All our work comes with a lifetime Guarantee. The work we do is not rushed through to create more turnover, neither is it about being ‘in and out’ as a lot of trades are. We feel that the building trade needs a good shake and a change of standards. With Grifford Interiors you will find we are setting new higher ones!

Why Choose Us?

Thank you for choosing Grifford Interiors to carry out your renovations. We are committed to delivering the best possible service and throughout the work being carried out we abide by 3 simple rules…

We treat your home like our own

WE ALWAYS treat your home like we live there. We keep it clean and tidy with all floors completely covered with roll n stroll ONLY, this is the best protector and is also non-slip.

At the end of every working day we have a good tidy up and get organised for the following day, don’t be surprised if you catch us hoovering up! At the end of every job we have a deep clean and leave your home pristine.

Only produce work we would have in our own home

WE ONLY are happy when we are producing quality work. We (me and my small team) are highly efficient in our work, not looking for a mass turn out of jobs BUT rather every job controlled, project managed & of course to be of a very high standard.

Having 15 – 20 jobs on the go can result carnage, the big companies are subcontracting trades people in who cannot deliver what’s being sold to them to cope with demand and are rushing through the jobs just to complete, with no care taken, this is where the problems begin.

Grifford interiors is different and is focused on customer care and satisfaction. To gain this is simple, we only use trades people that we have come to know throughout our careers and have worked alongside for many years therefore understanding how the team works and knowing that they are all trustworthy trades people. This is then the base of a very happy customer network and long-lasting working friendship.

Make your dream space come to life

DREAM BIG! We love a challenge and to get stuck into all manners of projects. As the dream grows and starts to become reality and your amazing space starts to really take shape, we always ask throughout ‘what if we did this’ or ‘have you thought of this’ to add a little hindsight into factuality and practicality of your project.

We Genuinely Care.

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