Accurate Pricing Service

Grifford interiors use MAS Design Consultants and work closely along side them from conception all they way through to planning and building regulations, until planning is received. Doing this enables us to accurately and most importantly provide a thorough detailed cost of the build. The most preferred way in the building industry to provide such a quote is to base it upon a per m3 (cubic meter). This leaves a lot to the imagination and cost being added in throughout the build phase which naturally leaves the client unhappy.

So, what do we do different?

We give a detailed break down of what’s included and what’s NOT. Starting from the foundations, drainage, masonry, roof, windows & doors and then moving onto any internals such as 1st & 2nd fix electrics, plumbing and joinery. Once we have this base plan we can move on and include plastering and decoration including fit out. 

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